Parent Perspective Presentation at UTSA Medical School


Yesterday we were honored to be asked to The University of Texas – San Antonio Medical School to give a presentation on the ICU parent perspective for pediatric residents and medical students.

We discussed things like how much continuous time parents actually spend in the hospital when their child is inpatient, parent involvement, bedside manner, family interactions, and factors like stress/anxiety/PTSD. We’re hopeful that by sharing our views we can bridge the gap with communication and help create an understanding for both sides.  It’s a hard situation from both perspectives — the doctors AND the parents, especially in the ICU.

Did you know that doctor burn-out is also a huge problem? Doctors lose sight of why they wanted to become doctors in the first place and we wanted provide real stories and insight about how they’ve changed our lives. Without our amazing doctors and medical teams, our little girls wouldn’t be here today. We have so much gratitude and love in our hearts for everything they do. They work long hours and make sacrifices in their own lives. We count on them every day and we hope they know just how important they really are to our families.

Eloise and Addie on a camping trip to celebrate Addie’s 2nd Birthday.


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