The 5 Love Languages of CHD Families: (Quality?) Time

CHD Love Languages - Quality Time (2)

(Quality?) Time Spent

It’s hard to focus on the positive when so much is going wrong. But there are positives, even if they’re silly or lighthearted. Today’s post is more upbeat and will hopefully give you a much needed smile.


Quality Time Spent…

…giving our warrior meds means we now have the skills to use and draw up a syringe.

…fortifying bottles means we’ve upped our math game and can calculate the exact kcal it needs to be.

…in the hospital means we know how to sleep in hospital chairs and how to survive on bad coffee.

…waking up extra times to give feedings or meds means we get to hold our warrior just a little bit more.

…going to tons of doctors appointments means that medical abbreviations just roll off our tongue (Cool skill! Not to mention your calendar is super organized!)

…staying in quarantine because of germs means you have an excuse to get out of social obligations.

…in the car traveling to medical care means more time talking as a family.

…relocating to a different city to be at a better hospital means you get to try new restaurants.

…wiping everything down with anti-bacterial wipes means your kid understands the value of cleaning.

…with a hospital monitor means you know what an appropriate respiratory rate, blood pressure reading, and sat range is for your child. (And what that even means!)

…at the Ronald McDonald House means bonding time with other families going through similar challenges.

…away from your home and pets means you don’t have to pick up poop. At least for a little while.

…worrying and crying about your heart warrior means they are so very, very loved.


What are your positives?

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