CHD Awareness Week

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness week starts TODAY! Besides learning about the staggering number of babies born each year with a CHD (40,000. Forty THOUSAND!!), it’s important to have a little insight about what these families go through and how to support them. We also need this awareness to increase research funding to help these sweet children. They may be fixed temporarily, but they will NEVER be cured; this is a life-long struggle. This awareness may not mean much to you personally, but every day there are kids fighting for their lives. These kids are your neighbors. They are your friends’ children. They are kids in school with your children. Nieces. Nephews. Brothers. Sisters. Grandchildren. Unless a cause directly affects you, why does it stay on the back burner? Currently there are MILLIONS of heart warriors; for them there isn’t a back burner, it’s everyday life. Awareness starts NOW. How can you help?
In honor of CHD week and February as a month of love, we offer up THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES OF CHD. Each day this week, starting tomorrow, we will reflect on a new topic and how it relates to the world of congenital heart defects.

5 Love Languages of CHD

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