Advice from Antonio: The unique experience of being a physician and a CHD grandparent

Dr. Antonio Falcon is the grandfather of heart warrior Addie. He shares his feelings of the overwhelming joy of being a grandparent, and the overwhelming sorrow that comes with a CHD diagnosis. He has a unique experience of being a physician with a grandchild diagnosed with Heterotaxy and CHD. After 42 years of practicing medicine he is now realizing the impact his patients feel when he gives a life-long diagnosis.


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  1. As I tesrily contemplate the message Primo I am aware of two forces— love and faith. But I am also struck by how lucky your family is to have this angel and how she is a force in changing you a veteran physician. How powerful this love so pure. How important the need for family. How vital to live as people of faith. You are blessed. Prayers continue. Con cariño- Rosie


  2. My Lord be whit you, always, he will put hes Angels in charge,of all adds, he has time and khows your beautiful hearth! That you have,helping, others, one of my grand kids, has something, on her hearth, as well, so, i khow as a grandmother, how precious, each minute is, in their life ! My Lord be whit you, ! and give you strength, always in my thoughts and prayers ! Dr. Antonio Falcon


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